International Airport of Rhodes ( RHO ), Greece

rhodes airport


Located in the eastern Aegean Sea it is one of the biggest airports in Greece and the 4th busiest. It is  called Diagoras airport and is  the main entrance exit point for both locals and tourists. It’s  well connected with other major Greek cities and islands as well as with major European capitals and cities via charter flights.

The IATA code used to refer to the Rhodes Airport is RHO. All passenger flights are located in one terminal. Rhodes is also a military airport and photography is generally not allowed. It is named after Diagoras, a Greek poet and sophist of the 5th century B.C. and is a joint civil – military airport.

If you book in advance and regular check prices, you will often find yourself able to take advantage of special offers provided by the major airlines which fly to Rhodes.

Rhodes also has 3 more airports that are not operating.

Rhodes Maritsa Airport: closed to public, near Maritsa village. Built in 1938 by the Italians was the first airport of the island and used to be the public airport until 1977. Nowadays serves the Hellenic Air Force and is sometimes used for car races.
Kalathos Airfield: inoperative, 7 km (4 mi) north of Lindos. Built by the Italians during World War II, was called Aeroporto di Gadurrà. Today only the runway is visible.
Kattavia Airstrip, located in the south of the island it was an emergency airstrip built by the Italians during World War II. Today it is abandoned.